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Sheet production guidelines


Test the sheet after production

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Why are the same colors painted in different areas?

1. The line thickness is thin

Use the 'Try a test' above to check the proper line width and get the job done

2. The line is broken in the middle

If there is a part in one area, even if it is 1 pixel,

it will be painted together with the surrounding

area. You will need to zoom in and carefully

cover the area.

3. Transparency is applied to the line

For Photoshop brushes, even if the Opacity value of the line is 100%,

the end of the brush is blurred and the line thickness is thinner.

If you are using a Soft Round brush, make the line thickness thicker

than the standard

If you have a problem that does not correspond to 1, 2, or 3 above,

please contact us at

You can collect several pictures in one theme and make them into Book


 Book Configuration 

-More than 5 coloring sheets

-500 * 500px cover image

-Book title text

*File name must be in English

Challenge Featured Book!

When you are selected in the recommended book, the top of the app's main screen is exposed!

Change Artist Profile

Decorate your profile and introduce you to people around the world.

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Apps screen with your profile information (Left side)

Please enter your profile information that contains the artist's identity!

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